Giving Back

In response to the Black Lives Matters movement and based on a deeply founded commitment to sharing the reward of one’s hard work, the partners at Patricof Co are donating a percentage of all proceeds generated by all investments made during 2020 to New Heights Youth, Inc.  This donation is being made to honor the social justice efforts of our clients during these difficult times.


Vast inequities in our society have been illuminated this year. The economic and achievement gaps that exist between disadvantaged and more affluent communities, between people of color and their white counterparts, are roadblocks for many young people.

In NYC, typically only two-thirds of students citywide graduate on time and only half enroll in college. The numbers skew even lower in our most underserved communities. 

New Heights is guided by the belief that everyone deserves a quality education and the opportunity to rise to their potential. Our programing reduces the opportunity gap by creating viable pathways to high school, college and careers for minority and at-risk youth.

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