Goldin Shatters Auction Records for Rare Comic Books, Vintage Video Games

Goldin Auctions hosted its first non-sports auction, featuring rare comic books, trading card game items, and video game sets, breaking records for collectibles in the process.

Comic books featuring superheroes such as Batman, The Avengers, Thor, Superman, and more smashed auction records–topped by a rare copy of Batman #1 sold for $1.47 million. The comic book is historic since it is the first comic book that exclusively featured The Dark Knight, not to mention that it was an all-time record in its grade.

Aside from the first-ever Batman comic, the auction also found a new owner for the 1962 Marvel “Amazing Fantasy” #15 comic,” known for featuring the first-ever appearance of Spider-Man, sold for a staggering $707,000. The auction also sold the comic book featuring the first-ever appearance of The Mighty Thor, selling for $319,800, an all-time record for this comic across any grade.

When the event concluded, the Goldin Auctions event finished with more than $10.7 million in sales, raised after the successful auction of highly sought-after comic books, retro and modern video game copies, and trading card items.

For video games, the highest bid was $800,000 for a 1996 copy of Super Mario 64, the classic platformer for the Nintendo 64 notable for being the first Super Mario game to feature 3D gameplay. Closely following is another Super Mario game, a sealed 1985 Super Mario Bros. game. A 1991 copy of Sonic the Hedgehog was also sold for $430,500, making a new record for any SEGA Genesis game.

There were also auctions made for a sealed copy of 1988 Super Mario Bros. 2 ($136,530), a 1985 NES Super Mario Bros. Late Production ($124,230), the first Mortal Kombat game ($81,180), and the Nintendo 64 copy of the historic FPS GoldenEye 007 ($59,040).

Other comic books auctioned at the weekend event included a copy of Avengers #1, one of only five copies with a high grade, sold for a record-breaking $369,000. A 1939 Superman #1 comic book, the first issue to feature the Man of Steel, was also sold for $137,760.

Card traders also had a field day at the Goldin Auctions event. Topping the category was a 2002 1st Edition unopened box of Yu-Gi-Oh! “Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon” card packs sold for $584,250. There was also a Pokemon trading card auction for the benefit of a charity, headlined by acclaimed DJ, producer, and entrepreneur Steve Aoki – raising $431,730. Also successfully auctioned was a Pokemon card showing Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of The Pokemon Company, sold for $236,160.

About Goldin
Goldin is the leading marketplace for trading cards, collectibles, and other forms of memorabilia. Founder Ken Goldin has sold more than $1.2 billion worth of items from many of the largest franchises across history, sports, and pop culture. Serious collectors trust Goldin because the company subjects every item into an authentication and grading process before putting them up for sale.

“This is our first auction to solely focus on non-sports collectibles and we couldn’t be more excited with the results, as we blew past eight figures in sales right out of the gate,” Founder Ken Goldin said of the event.

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