February 2, 2021

What's Going On in Venture: Assure Interviews Mark Patricof

A new generation of investors and thought leaders is rearchitecting the landscape of private equity investment. This diverse community of influential venture players — ranging from syndicators to super angels to micro-VCs and equity crowdfunding platforms — exert a powerful drive for rapid impact, and an ethos of democratizing investment. They are also bringing to the table high-level strategic support for the entrepreneurs they are funding. What's Going on in Venture, an Assure podcast, goes on wide-ranging explorations with these dynamic and visionary investment leaders. These interviews provide a ringside look into the world of these power investors and organizers: How they think. What they do. How they define success. And how they respond to times of rapid, momentous change, including pandemics, economic downturns, inflated valuations and unchecked exuberance.